Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cake Cone Treats

Chocolate Cake Cone

Ice cream cone anyone?
I ran across the cutest ice cream cone cake pops over at Bakerella and I just had to recreate them for L's birthday :)

Chocolate Cake Cone

I couldn't find the exact recipe on her blog as to how to make them but with the photos and another little tutorial by her showing how to make cake pops it was enough to get me started. So armed with my baked chocolate cake I mixed in some frosting to make a moldable mixture that I could fill my sugar cones with and popped them into the freezer to firm up enough so that I could coat each one in pink chocolate and sprinkles and started making cake cones :)

Chocolate Cake Cone

Amazingly enough these were super easy to make and so darn cute!! I nearly don't want anyone to eat them LOL.

~ Rosina


wonderinthewoods said...

These are so perfect!! I love it! H's birthday is in 2 weeks and he would love these for his birth-DAY. He is having a themed party too (army). If I liked camo better I would make the bunting for him too. So pretty, that bunting you made!

Sandpiper said...

Those look amazing! I have birthday cake to make this weekend too, but my birthday girl wants a 'flower' cake.