Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentine's Day Tree

Every year the kids and I decorate a cute little tree with all sorts of bunnies and Easter eggs for Easter and this year I thought that it would be fun if we had a Valentine's Day Tree.

There are so many cute valentine crafts but for some reason we have never really put a lot of thought into it before. We always make handmade valentines to give to each other with sweet little sayings inside and waaay to much glitter, but a couple of months ago I actually got really ambitious and made a plan to do something special :)

I bought some regular semi-gloss white paint in a spray can, found a suitable branch to pluck off of our dormant snowball tree outside the back door, gave it a good dosing of paint and hung it by the wood fire to dry. I then filled an aluminum pail with rocks and planted our new valentine tree inside :)

Previously the kids and I had started making cute little handmade felt hearts in an assortment of styles, using embroidery floss, pearls, buttons and more to make each one of the a unique creation.

We thought it was a bit bare with just the felt hearts so we started to raid my craft cupboards finding cute little painted birds in red to boot, and some vintage reproduction valentine's cards that I had just picked up. They are the sweetest things with flocked velvet on them, reminding me so much of when I was a little girl.

We set the entire thing down on some red crepe paper adding more valentine cards, and a another felt heart with a crocheted trim inside the pail :)

I don't know whey we didn't do this years ago!



Tracey said...

I love this! We even have a red bucket like yours. Like you, I had visions of doing something like this for a while...still haven't. Glad you actually did it. Thanks for sharing!

LaLa said...

i love this!!! I may have to try this one out too, ugh thanks so much, your amazing!!!

Tara said...

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Tara said...

Your Featured Link is ready to view. Thanks again!!!


Angel said...


Sarah said...

This is so cute! I hate going out in the cold but I may need to go hunting for some branches! Thanks