Saturday, January 10, 2009

Botanical Papercut

I finally had a chance to try papercutting! It's been something that I wanted to dabble with for a while but just never got up the nerve to do it. Looked to delicate I guess :) I borrowed a couple of books from the library on Scherenschnitte and found one with great botanical patterns like the one above and bought some great Japanese linen paper at a little shop that has fantastic handmade papers and printing supplies. In the books they all recommended using teeny tiny scissors but I found that I really liked working with my craft knife the best and did most of it that way. I can't wait to try another one! If you want to see some truly amazing papercuttings, you have to go to The Heart of Papercuts and see her work. Fantastic stuff!

~ Rosina


Jennifer Hoots said...

Beautiful job, my friend! Have to love the library. Did you get your Starbucks this week?

Anonymous said...

Where could I get a pattern for this design? It's beautiful. Thanks. Gail

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Hi Gail :)
You know I have no idea anymore where that pattern came from :( I borrowed all of the books from the library on papercutting that I could get my hands on and then just photocopied the patterns that I liked but never wrote down any names.

If you would like a copy though I could probably mail you a photocopy of it if you like? Just shoot me off an email (on the right sidebar is a link) and I'll dig it out and get one into the mail for you :)