Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yarn Along ~ Playing around

A post of my current read and what is cast on my needles ~ Inspired by Ginny over at {Small Things}

Yarn Along

I was hoping that I was going to have at least one completed Lepidoptera sock to share with you but when we went camping just after last weeks yarn along I forgot to bring my pattern! Oh I was so disappointed :(

Not for long though. I still had a ball of yarn and a bunch of needles so I just sort of played around trying out how to knit cables. I'm not sure if I was doing it correct but I definitely got the cabled effect that I had been hoping for and all was not lost as I sucked up the amazing scenery and lounged at our oceanside campground while the kids played in the water :)

For my book this week I had finished Eating Dirt which was sooo good and I spent the week perusing magazines and especially enjoying my new copy of the Living Crafts magazine. Hopefully next week I'll have something much more interesting to share with you *grin*.

Happy knitting!


Amy Friend said...

We received a wonderful package from Miss L and are working on a reply!

Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

Great work! Sometimes figuring it out for yourself is more fun than using a pattern, isn't it?

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Love this photo in your post....I wish we were neighbors so I could learn to knit something other than a dish cloth =)

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