Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Solstice 2012

Picking wildflowers

As we celebrated Summer Solstice it was a perfect sunny day, kissed by a light breeze as it swayed through the fields of tall grass surrounding our home. The wildflowers were all bursting heavenward in multitude and beauty as their new life that had sprouted in early spring is finally coming into its fullest :)

Our solstice cake

And just in time to!
We picked clover, buttercups and daisies to decorate our sun shaped solstice cake with.

Weenie Roast

The children enjoyed cooking hotdogs over hot embers as the fire burned low...

Warming her toes

and warming toes chilled by running through damp grass that wasn't quite dry from the wet days before.

Our Summer Solstice Cake

No one really wanted to wreck our cake by cutting into it but you know that didn't last long *grin*. I think a few even had seconds and perhaps thirds LOL.

Snowballs in June

But all the extra energy was quickly burned off by having a snowball fight in June. Oh how I love the fluffy ball shaped clusters of flowers that my snowball tree provides and they really do make for a fun summer snowball fight :)


As the sun finally dipped below the mountain range, streaking the sky with pinks and purples, we waited for the darkness to come so we could stoke up our fire and sit in its glow...


keeping warm, roasting marshmallows and setting our sticks aglow :)



Jennifer Hoots said...

So very lovely! There is something really relaxing about a fire burning. The cake looks too pretty to eat!

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