Friday, April 20, 2012

Meet Our New Babies

So cute!!!

We picked up our baby calves this morning and they are adorable! We had thought we were getting two little bull calves but actually ended up with a little heifer and one bull calf which is even better :)

They were little troopers on the long ride home, laying down nicely in the back of our horse trailer under the little shelter we had built for them to keep any wind off of them so they didn't catch a chill as they are only two weeks old and still quite susceptible to the cold and damp.


As soon as we had them unloaded and into the barn the kids were right in there with them petting and brushing them and falling hopelessly in love with them *grin*.

Baby bull calf

They seemed to settle in pretty well but they're still a little skittish and unsure of us...

Our new baby

but I know that as soon as we bring out the milk bottles tonight we'll win them over :)



Jennifer Hoots said...

So sweet!!! Do they have names?

Lynn said...

How cute! :)


Amy Friend said...

Lily says "Ohhhhhhhh" followed by "Can we get baby cows?"

charlotte said...

so cute. x x x I am also passing on the versatile blog award to you. x x x

Cheryl said...

Oh so sweet!!!!