Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Fun

Advent Calendar

Our advent calendar is growing!

Each morning one of the children takes a turn hanging a new little decoration onto our tree limb as we get closer to Christmas eve :)


We're still sprucing up our mantle and today my oldest started working on a 3D silhouette of Rudolph the Reindeer that will have antlers, a red nose and will eventually be hung above the fireplace. I knew I had been hanging onto those large pieces of corrugated cardboard for a reason!

Playing in the woodshed

The temperature has fallen below zero and we've had a good perma freeze for the last couple of days so both of the woodstoves have been going 24/7 to keep both ends of our home warm. That means an awful lot of firewood is making its way in and out of the basement and the children have been a HUGE help :) Today all three of them went out to bring more in with big brother filling and rolling the wheelbarrow to the basement window and then the younger ones handing it in to him so that it could be stacked up right away and keep the bark mess off the floor just in case we have a repeat of our flooding again.

I've been watching the newspaper for special Christmas choral preformances that are family friendly and free which is a big perk and this Sunday one of the churches in the city is hosting a Christmas choir and I can't wait. I just love listening to the large choirs sing. So beautiful and only a few more sleeps to go *grin*.



Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Your advent calender is such a wonderful idea.I really adding a handmade ornament instead of opening something to get a trinket.The kids get too much during Christmas and this is an one idea I am going to share with my family when we all get together in Indianapolis.I always enjoy my visits with you and your family here in blogland!=)

charlotte said...

I too think it's great, your blog is an inspiration. x x x
oh and you have a log pile my husband would be proud of.

Lise said...

Such a sweet Advent calendar! It reminds me a lot of the one my mom made us when we were little: felt ornaments we added to a felt tree.

verdemama said...

Our pile of logs is nowhere near as large as yours, but I absolutely love seeing the kiddos carrying in wood, even my 20 mo.-old will carry in one small log :)

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