Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Feathered and Ready To Explore

Growing Girls

The girls are growing!
We keep calling them our babies but really they don't look much like those fuzzy little fluff balls we had anymore :) Their feathers are fully in and they are growing more inquisitive every day. You can see them eyeing up the outdoors when we come in to feed and pet them so I think we're going to have to get their yard finished. Some of the fence needs mending and a layer of fish net needs to be hung over the pen to keep the hawks and eagles from swooping in and taking any. We definitely don't want what to happen!

Dandelion Feast

So while they're waiting to be released into the grassy wild we've been feeding them little dandelion blossom treats and they love them.

Eating Dandelions

So much in fact that they fight over them *grin*.
One will get a flower in its beak and then another will swoop in and snatch it away and this goes on for a while until we drop in another for them to squabble over :)

Smelling the Roses...

My daughter on the other hand mesmerizes them. I think I have mentioned in another post that she is like the chick whisperer and it never fails that they flock to her :) Every time she picked one up it would just tuck its beak into the dandelion blossom and hang out. Talk about taking time to smell the roses.... or dandelions in this case *grin*.

She's been taking on a lot of the responsibility of feeding them to and heading out in the mornings on her own to fill their feed dishes and talk to them. It's so cute :)

Oh and I wanted to let you know that Hubby made it safely home Monday morning!! I waited up until 2am for him to get here and it was so nice to have him back. I got the play by play account of how the whole accident went down from him blowing the gear in his tug, to calling out on the radio in hopes that someone might be near enough to help him out and getting no response, to him waiting till the last possible moment to decide to cut his tow loose as he waited hoping that it might hit the beach and hang up on the rocks so that he could save it, and finally how he threw out the anchor which I thought would be a done deal and it was over but no he wasn't sure if it was even going to hold him!! Thank goodness it held or he would have been smashed to bits on the rocks through the rapids like his tow.

We enjoyed two days together as he rested up and slept after so many sleepless nights and now he's gone again. All thoughts of danger pushed out of my mind as we count the days until he returns again :)



Jennifer Hoots said...

Oh Rosina! So glad that he is home, safe. As for the "babies", they are still really cute. How long until they lay eggs?

Debbie said...

Oh cute. Glad hubby is home. YOu must be SO relieved. xo

Kitchen Belleicious said...

how cute! Oh how son would love to be there feeding them.

elisa said...

my little girls would love that, feeding the chicks. amazing how some little ones just have such a gift for connecting with them. mine have been visiting a neighbours baby rabbits and they are very much in love. so much to learn x

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

My daughter in law has chickens and we get a kick out of them and how they too will fight over treats.
So very glad your Hubby was able to get home for acouple of days.People don't realize how hard it is on wives at home.I was married to an airline pilot for 26 yrs and there were some difficult and scary years in the beginning,and the worry is tough. Now that we're divorced....I don't seem to care as much...or worry hahaha!!
Take care of yourself =)