Friday, September 11, 2009

Summer's Sweet Goodbye


Oh Robin red-breast where have our summer days gone?
I can't believe that we are already in *gulp*.... September!! The rains have begun, the blustery winds are swirling and I actually had to light the wood stove for the first times since we finally got rid of our snow only 4 months ago in April. It's slightly bittersweet but there are so many wonderful things to look ahead to as we move into the cooler weather :)

L's 6th Birthday

We've had some fun in the sun though with birthday parties made for princesses,

L's 6th birthday

and summer picnics that leave you longing for more. Oh heck! Who says you can't picnic in the fall anyways? Well technically it's not quite fall yet *grin*, but we were just down at the pond checking out our bon fire brush pile that is looking mighty fine for some wienie roasting and s'mores :)

Before I go I've got to leave you with these incredibly CUTE viking plates that Herzenart is now offering. I must say they're looking a wee bit fall'ish to :) Oh boy do I want these!!

~ Rosina

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Molytail said...

The weather here is freaking me out - yesterday morning it was cool enough that I could see my breath at 6am ~ just barely, but I could... today, it went to 24C or something. I wish September would make up its mind! LOL :-P