Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Budding Artist

K's tug painting2

My son is crazy about drawing and painting and since last September he has been going once a week to the 4 Cats Art Academy where they get to experiment with all sorts of different medias while learning about different artists and drawing/painting techniques. He loves it!

K's tug painting

For Christmas we got him a bunch of canvases so that he could paint whenever he felt the urge to do so and his most recent one is a copy of a photo we took of his dad's tug boat at the wharf flanked by other tug boats. I may be biased but I think his pencil drawn copy of it is amazing!!

K's tug painting3

This afternoon he started to paint it and as it happened this week in his art class he learned about blending colors to make it look like the different shades of water. It was perfect timing to help him with the reflecton portion of his painting. I can't wait to see his progress tomorrow :)

~ Rosina

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Jenn4him said...

Wow, it is amazing! I bet his papa is proud, too.